Mail Art Project

New York 2017



New Gifts. The Creative Technologies Exhibition

Conceived and co-curated exhibition for Macy Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University

New York 2015

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Blanket Project

Book-Anthology, exhibition, and curriculum project

New York 2013-2014

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Doing and Undergoing

Site-specific exhibition and multi-media project

New York, 2012-2014

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Immersive Surfaces

Collaborative video mapping project curated by Leo Kuelbs

New York 2011

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Bio-art project (in development)

New York 2010-2011


Blanket Stories. A Book of Poems

Open call

New York 2010-2012

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Dinner A Vingt

Public dinner event (ongoing)

Emily Harvey Foundation

New York 2010 - ongoing

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Public art proposal (draft)

Hafen Bregenz 2010

Hafen area


With Kind Regards from The Old Emperor

Public art project along the Arlberg railroad tunnel

Langen am Arlberg 2009

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Hafen area


My Favorite Saying

Participatory net-art project

El Minia, Cairo, New York, Cortland, 2006-ongoing

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Web project

f “a+b=ba? art +blog=blogart?" by JavaMuseum, Nov 1, 2007

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Global Art Project. FLID. The Partition of The World. Museumsquartier Vienna, Quartier21 and WWW, from Sep 2007. Images online

Online 2007

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Urban Attractor Private Distractor UAPD

Participated in a project by Angie Eng for Eyebeam "interference"

New York, Sep 2007

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Slowtime 2007 - Quicktime as an artistic medium


Online Sep 2007

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Public art competition (draft) for a New Emergency and Disaster Center Vorarlber

New York, Juy 2007


The Rosary / Sibha as a Communal Sculpture

Public art installation

American University Cairo

Egypt, Mar 8, 2007

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Are you a man or a woman

Videoblogs and Videofilm Project.

Residency with Voom HD Lab

New York, 2006


Managing Complexity

Keynote lecture & art installation

Vienna, Nov 17 - 18, 2006


Artist in Residency

Austrian Alps, Aug 12 - 26, 2006

Self-portrait as a Group

Photographic series

Vienna, Berlin, New York, 2001-2010 ongoing

Cell Portraits

Arts and science project

Collaboration with Jan Schmoranzer

New York, 2006

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Invitations to Secret Dancers, Elaine Summers and Friends,

Public Performances

New York 2005

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Color Swatches, A Social Sculpture

Public Art Project competition draft

Montafonerbahn Kunstforum Montafon, 2005

Public Art Project, Competition Federal Hospital Bregenz, 2004

Proposal for a walkable sleeping pill architecture (as a light sculpture and space to relax and have coffee)

New York 2010-2011


Exhibition series, archive and magazines


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Platform 16ft+

Architecture competition (proposal)

Kunsthaus Graz, 2000


Muscial Competition "Klanggesetz"

Vienna, 2000

Metal sculptures

Image: Inkontinenzia [V2]; honoring Ferdinand Pfefferkorn

Vienna, 1997-1999


Art project

Vienna, Innsbruck, Berlin, New York 1998-2004



Innovation Price Sculpture

Vienna 1998


Exhibition concept

1997, ongoing





Collaborative gropu project

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 1997




The Future of Austria,

Public performance with 200 artist's books and panel discussion

Heldenplatz, Vienna 1996