Platform 16ft+, architekture competetion Kunsthaus Graz 2000

Rolf Neustädter, Georg Bauer, Bernhard Schneider, and Richard Jochum: Core piece is a platform 16 feet above street level. Due to the fact that contemporary art is characterized by mutual exchange and communication between the disciplines the presented model puts its main focus on the horizontal dimension. The extension of the platform to the maximum is vital.

The concept includes two basic elements: a multifunctional space coat serving as exhibition complex, "transformer" or "black box" of the upcoming art events. The surrounding platform containing all the essential services like café, lounge, communication zone, discussion spaces, media center, photography forum. The exhibition cube is deliberately open for permanent re-built processes in order to contain any yet unknown art. The different spaces are forming a unity with three different layers: (1) one big space with transparent borders, visible from outside. (2) a higher level with variable limits to the side (slide walls). (3) fixed box with translucid ceiling.

The platform communicates on all its layers. Therefore the entrance is not just a facade but a zone with a floating transition from an urban surrounding to the Kunsthaus: The city itself becomes an entrance. All services - cafè, restaurant, shops, photo forum, media center, studio gallery, and offices - are accessible from the lounge as well as separately.
The horizontal dimension is essential in order to reflect the situation of contemporary art The ability to walk on the platform 16ft+ works from any level. The application of the surface as a terrace opens the possibility for an extended exhibition space, as it allows more space for another café, concerts or open air cinema.

Images: Georg Bauer