Self-portrait as a Group, photographic series 2001-2010
12/18/05, Brooklyn New York 12/18/05, Brooklyn New York 12/18/05, Brooklyn New York 12/19/04, Columbia University, New York 08/16/03, Brooklyn, New York 09/21/02, Wedding, Berlin 06/13/01, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Oct 10, 2010, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn Oct 15, 2006 · Central Park, New York Dec 18, 2005 · Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York Dec 19, 2004 · Teachers College, Columbia University New York Aug 16, 2003 · Stratford Road, Brooklyn Sep 21, 2002 · Wedding Berlin Jun 13, 2001 · University of Applied Arts Vienna
Since a couple of years I’m doing a photographic picture called “Selfportrait as a Group”. The yearly picture to be taken would consequently not just show me as a person but my friends and social context as well. I’m doing this piece honoring the value of friendship and the essential influence that people are taking in each others life. Of course every year my personal social context is a little different from the previous – as is my life and as are my friends and collegues.
Short Movie