Richard Jochum.
Select Works 2012-2014

Catalog, 70 pages

New York 2015




Richard Jochum (ed.),
The Blanket Project

Exhibition catalog, 62 pages

New York 2015, Macy Gallery




Richard Jochum & Ruth Zamoyta (ed.)
Blanket Stories

Poetry book & illustrations. Introduction by Dorothea Lasky, 74 pages

Annandale, 2014

Ragged Sky Press

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Richard Jochum (ed.),
Doing and Undergoing

Exhibition project catalog,
74 pages

Image credit: Luis Camnizter, Alexander Gray Associates

New York 2015

Essay by Lauren Bierly




Artists as Educators,
Richard Jochum (ed.)

Exhibition catalog, 62 pages

New York, 2015

With works by Ira S. Bartell, Irina Danilova, Francois Deschamps, Robert Gero, Jeff Hopkins, Wendell Jeffrey, Eliza Lamb, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Amy Papaelias, Ernesto Pujol,
Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Patrick Rowe, and their Students




Remixing Art Education Symposium
Richard Jochum (ed.)

Proceedings, 90 pages

New York, 2015





Literary Magazin

Bregenz, 2015 (forthcoming)





Einblicke. Contemporary Art from Vorarlberg. Christa Haeusler (ed.)

Catalog, p. 20-21

Bregenz, 2014




Karlheinz Pichler (ed.)

Poetry & Photography

Hohenems 2011

Poetry by Karl-Heinz Pichler. Photography-illustrations by Richad Jochum

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Richard Jochum. Intersections and Interstices

Catalog, 40 pages

New York 2008 (Macy Gallery)

Including a conversation among Maurizio Pellegrin, Catherine Spaeth, Graeme Sullivan, Richard Jochum




Unexpected Weightloss

Catalog (Brochure)

Cortland 2009

Essay by Catherine Spaeth.




Nothing But Books (Nichts als Buecher)

Catalog,box, booklet (46 pages), and samples.

Vienna 1998

With contributions from Burghart Schmidt, Petra Ganglbauer, Wolfgang Bleier, Urte Helduser, Ute Wiedner and Roland Joerg.





What's Good Must Not Necessarily Be Evil (Das Gute muss nicht immer das Boese sein)

Catalog, p. 40-43.94-95.97-98

Hohenems 2007 (Bucher)

Ed. by Karlheinz Pichler. With an essay of Richard Jochum's IndexFinger series by Aphrodite Desiree Navab





Catalog, p. 38

New York 2010 (Print International)

Ed. by Emily Cheng & Michelle Loh.





Festival catalog, p. 16

Zurich 2008




BA. The Second International Biennale for the Artist's Book

Catalog, p. 84-85

Alexandria 2006 (Bibliotheca Alexandria)




Flavors of Austria

Catalog (group show) forthcoming

Vienna, Athens 2011





Catalog, p. 56-59

Athens 2007-2010 (Futura)

Ed. and curated by Harris Kondosphyris and Zoi Pappa. Guest curator Christian Rupp




SilvrettAtelier 2006

Catalog, p. 20-21

Ed. by Roland Haas

Bregenz 2007 (Illwerke AG)




VM11 Videomedeja 2007

Festival catalog, p. 3

Novi Sad 2007 (Museum of Vojvodina)




The Future of Austria

Documentary booklet, 20 pages

Vienna 1996

Ed. by Richard Jochum, executed by Wolfgang Bleier, documenting the public performance project "Zukunft Oesterreich" at the Heldenplatz, July 3, 1996




Public Art

Magazine, p. 5

Mar 2010




Visual Arts Vorarlberg (Bildende Kunst in Vorarlberg) 1945-2005

Encyclopaedia, p. 160

Hohenems 2005 (Bucher)

Edited by Vorarlberger Landesmuseum and Kunsthaus Bregenz




Visions in New York City. Short Films and Videos

Catalog, p. 72-73

New York 2009

Curated and ed. by Maurizio Pellegrin




V 2

Book, Literary Journal

Feldkirch 1998

With images and an article by Richard Jochum on "Art as a parasitic activity"




Java Museum

Internet Project

Ten Questions and Answers on Internet Based Art. Interview for Javamuseum, conducted by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

Cologne 2007

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Catherine Spaeth Blog


Parasitic Relations. A Walk Through"Intersections and Interstices" With Richard Jochum and Steven Dubin. By Catherine Spaeth

New York 2009

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Mouthcracking. [No] Sound.

Book, Literary Magazine

Vienna, Graz 1998

Ed. by Petra Ganglbauer and Waltraud Seidlhofer. With a half-page by Richard Jochum, p. 27.




Book-Objects (Buch-Objekte)

Pamphlet, 6 pages

Vienna 1995




Book-Objects (Buch-Objekte)

45 artist book projects with editions of 5-20 each; handmade.

Innsbruck and Vienna 1990-2005




Strategies of Coping with Complexity in Contemporary Philosophy based on Michel Serres (Komplexitaetsbewaeltigungs-strategien in der neueren Philosophie: Michel Serres)

Book, 338 pages

Frankfurt/M (Peter Lang) 1998





Memories on Killing. Reflecting Genocide. (Erinnerungen an das Toeten)

Book, 376 pages

Vienna 1999 (Boehlau)

Ed. by Richard Jochum and Bernhard Schneider

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Theology for Burnt Children (Theologie fuer gebrannte Kinder)

Book, 198 pages

Vienna 1991 (Herder)

Contributions to a New Political Theology. Ed. by Richard Jochum and Charly Stark. With contributions from K.Fuessel, W.Ernst, N.Greinacher, J.Moltmann, D.Soelle, G.Girardi et al.

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Paradigms and Knowledge Management (Paradigmenvielfalt und Wissensintegration)


Vienna 1992 (Passagen)

Ed. by Anton Huetter, Theo Hug, and Josef Perger. With an article by Richard Jochum Tend Remarks to Understand a "Différend"; , p. 115-120





Uni 2000. Perspectives of Research and Education (Uni 2000. Zukunftsperspektiven universitaerer Forschung und Lehre)


Ed. by Gerald Prabitz and Wolfgang Schopper. With an article by Richard Jochum on "Abandoning Utopia".

Innsbruck 1990 (Hamon), p. 300-313




Art History Reader (Lese & Bilder Buch)

Booklet, 27 pages

Ed. by Eberhard Jordan, conceived and put together by Richard Jochum.

Vienna 2001




The Philosophy of Complexity (Die Philosophie der Komplexitaet)

Conference paper

Vienna 1998 (trans)

Ed. by Herbert Artl

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Innovation in Science and Culture (Innovation in Wissenschaft und Kultur)

Conference paper

Paris 19991

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Auf dem Ruecken schwarzer Schafe

Poetry and Illustrations

Hohenems 2011 (Bucher) forthcoming

Poems by Karlheinz Pichler, art works by Richard Jochum




dis-positv. On The Productivity of Art and Discourse

Magazine. 48 pages, edition of 3 000

Berlin 2003

Ed. by Richard Jochum

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dis-positv. On The Productivity of Art and Discourse

Magazine. 24 pages, edition of 50 000

Vienna 2000

Ed. by Richard Jochum

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dis-positv. On The Productivity of Art and Discourse

Magazine. 32 pages, edition of 5 000

Bregenz 2000

Ed. by Richard Jochum

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dis-positv. On The Productivity of Art and Discourse

Brochure, 4 pages.

New York 2005 (Columbia University)

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Through the 'NET


Cologne 2003 (Salon)

Studies in Jochen Gerz' "Anthology of Art". Ed. by Horant Fassbinder. With an article by Richard Jochum on " dis-positiv as a Role Model", p. 101-106

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